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Siris Medical improves cancer therapy through Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled decisioning based on analyzing over 10 million clinical images and over 30,000 patient datasets. Our commercially available InsightRT Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software suite uses AI to match each new patient to a massive, proprietary, expert database in order to precisely tailor treatment to each patient's unique characteristics. InsightRT Prior Authorization (PA) aligns the treatment directive between the payer and provider to what's best for the patient.

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While digitization is finally obsoleting the fax machine, prior authorization submissions are still highly manual, with significant effort needed to provide treatment justification. InsightRT PA represents a new generation of prior authorization guided by AI, personalizing the clinical guidelines at the point of care to provide automated, intelligent decisioning.

  • Integrated into all major RT electronic medical records

  • Automated submissions for increased provider engagement and satisfaction

  • Increased revenue per patient through improved PA efficiency

  • Operational and medical expenditure saving

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Over the past several years, iterative improvements have been made computing speed to more quickly arrive at a treatment directive; however this process can still take many days. Siris Medical AI provides intelligent decisioning at the start of patient journey - in just seconds.

  • Patient-specific treatment trade-offs to enable the highest quality treatment directive on the first pass

  • Up to 30% reduced dose to critical organs

  • Up to 4 hours per patient of OpEx savings by automating treatment plan comparisons and eliminating trial and error

  • Patient-specific prior authorization pathways at the outset provide transparency

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